Friday, April 20, 2012

picture love.

I just love this picture of Luke, my grandma, and I. It shows the "we all just woke up and don't feel like taking a picture" face really well! LOL.
Grandma looks like a ray of sunshine, as for Luke an I?
I have never been a morning person.(:

SHOUT OUT: Tina, Leonae, and Olivia yall did awesome tonight at the concert, yall were by far the best soloists. And yall looked beautiful!(:

my cousins art.

A couple of weeks ago, my cousins came to spend their Spring break with us! We had lots of fun! When I got home from school, we would have craft time (right up my alley)!!
Enjoy their funky fleur de lis!
By: Victoria

By: Vance

By: Valek

One of Valeks "love letters" (that's what he called it LOL)