Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my art.

Sharpies + Leanne = what is below

(sorry the pictures aren't that great of a quality)

Art, to me is a game.
 I grab a Sharpie from my box without looking and have to use that color Sharpie next, its rather fun.  
Try it.(: 

"Its not Van Gogh but who is these days...." -random quote


  1. I didn't know you were an artist.
    Being that I adore color, you had to know that I would love these. I'll have to show you some of Eloise's latest designs. they are very similar in style, but they are all black and white. What an oxymoronical coincidence. How do ya like that phrase...it's a hum-dinger isn't it?

    Call me when you get this message...
    I have an idea.

  2. Can you make me one? They are so cute!!

  3. I really like that game, I need to try it myself sometime. =D

  4. Beautiful darling!!! My what talent!

  5. Beautiful Leanne,

    You should consider becoming a fabric designer. Check out Anna Marie Horner Blog on my blog list.

    Sister KRisti

  6. Thanks yall!!! Appreciate the comments!(: