Wednesday, February 8, 2012

oldies but goodies

I LOVE OLD PICTURES! just saying

Seriously mom can atest to my love of digging through the boxes of old pictures. (and getting yelled at for doing so). So heres some pictures of me from way back when.

To bad its only cute to be chunky when you're a baby. haha.

Oh lawd look at Lamby. Everybody remembers Lamby right?

Look at me styling that gold.(:
Me and gran....I love her.

The wedding I refused to smile for.

Geez I could fit a quarter between that gap.


  1. How could we ever forget Lamby! I remember you looking like these pictures like it was yesterday. You were such a sweet and cute little baby, and now you are a beautiful and godly young lady. I'm proud of you Queenie!

  2. Wasn't it "Wammy"? lol
    Glad you posted these.....I love feeling old.
    Ditto to what meboo said;you are turning out kinda perty.

  3. Thanks yall, it means alot to hear that coming from people I respect and admire.(;

  4. I just love these pictures as well! Once I pull out old pictures that's it, I am tied up for the next couple of hours. Ditto to the above comments! You have turned out to be quite a beautiful young lady! Just like ya mama right!!!! lol Love ya'll Oh yeah, ya gotta find a picture with you sucking your fingers the way you used to as well. That was tooooo cute!

  5. aww!! You were so cute!! I mean- you are so cute!! haha